Water Policy

Water Policy

Water is a scarce resource. The best way to ensure it is consumed and supplied efficiently is to price it. The Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services has been asked to recommend the best means of funding domestic water services. These recommendations will be considered and voted upon by the Oireachtas by April 2017.

Here we consider some of the issues.


How Can We Charge For Excessive Use of Water.

The proposal to charge for excessive use of water under the Water Services Act, 2007 is not credible.

How Should We Pay For Water

The Report by the Expert Commission on the Funding of Domestic Public Water Services in Ireland has been submitted on schedule to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services.

Water Charges Should Be Based Solely On Metered Use

Why a two-part tariff, consisting of a variable rate per unit of water consumed and a fixed rate unrelated to the amount of consumption, should be resisted.

How Do You Want To Pay For Water?

Results of national survey that asked respondents in May 2013 for their preference on water charges: pay by use, flat charge, or general taxation.

Effective Water Pricing Is Key To Ensuring Supply

Our Chairman, Prof. Frank Convery in The Irish Times on how increasing water supply will not provide the answer to water shortages, but effective pricing and conservation can.

Submission to Department of Environment on Water Policy

Publicpolicy.ie’s seven recommendations to Government in May 2012 on water policy, including support for metering.

Residential Water Charges in Ireland

Dr Henri Smets, France’s leading water expert spoke at an event in Dublin organised by publicpolicy.ie in June 2012. Here he talks about different models for water pricing that balance the need for water charges with people’s right to water.

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